Friendship Circle links children, volunteers, parents, staff, and supporters in a seamless circle of friendship that makes miracles happen every day. Our program's unique approach brings together children and teens with and without special needs for hours of fun and friendship. These shared experiences are a chance to develop meaningful friendships and bring joy to all.

Why is our program unique?

While many organizations address the challenges of children with special needs, most are focused on goal-oriented therapeutic care. The Friendship Circle brings another dimension in that it offers unconditional love and friendship. By having this love flow from the youthful spirit of well-guided teenagers, its effectiveness has proven to be remarkable.

The Friendship Circle extends a helping hand to families who have children with autism and other special needs and involves them in a full range of Jewish and social experiences. The Circle's unique formula introduces teenage volunteers to the children and through shared experiences both are enriched.

Every member of our community deserves to share the joys of our Jewish experience. Sharing our tradition with children who have special needs is particularly rewarding. The Friendship Circle offers a unique opportunity for teenagers to connect with these children.

The Friendship Circle touches so many in our community:

  • The child with special needs looks forward to a weekly visit and the opportunity to play with and learn from their older friends.
  • The teenage volunteer learns the value of giving and cherishes the experience of making a difference in a child's life and bringing a smile to his or her face.
  • The childs family gets a needed respite and the pleasure of seeing their child become part of the community circle.

Together we are impacting our future by making a difference in the lives of children and teens in our community and helping them form a special bond.